Monday, October 5, 2009

Getting settled...


SO.. i have been extremely busy/ super lazy and haven't written one in a while! I apologize, I will try my hardest to write more often. Ok so the newest updates are as follows..

We FINALLY have an apartment! I say FINALLY because for the past three weeks all we have been doing is searching online and going to different showings. It was an extremely exhausting and frustrating process..mainly because Sydney is huge and there are so many different parts of the city and places to live so we had a hard time figuring out what exactly we wanted. However, we managed to find a place RIGHT on the beach. Literally, two minute walk from Balmoral Beach. Very exciting!!! It is in an area called Mosman..sort of a rich snobby area but we like it :) We move in on one more week staying at Maya Mom's. Which I must admit is a little sad, we like living here a lot. But it will be awesome to have our own place, really looking forward to moving in!! We already got some furniture but Maya Mom is taking us to Ikea tomorrow to get some more stuff. Our apartment is SUPER nice...hardwood floors, three bedrooms, big living room, and comes with a fridge and washer which is super rare for apartments in Sydney. Did i mention it is down the street from the beach!?!?!?! and a bottle shop as well. we are golden!

Today we went on a "bush walk" aka hike. We did a coastal walk along the north shore- spit bridge to Manly. It was about 10K..which doesn't seem that bad but it was a lot of hills/ stairs and was actually quite a workout. Afterwards we had fish n chip and ice cream on the beach. Fabulous day! We plan on doing a lot more hiking once we move into our place, apparently there are some great hikes from Balmoral. We can also rent kayaks and kayak around..which is also something we plan to do..however..Nenad warned us that there is a potential for sharks to be swimming around in the water. Not sure if we really want to mess with that...

So in terms of jobs, I have yet to actually be employed, but I had an interview at lululemon, and got called back for a group interview next Tuesday. I am super excited about it- and have a really good feeling that I will be employed there very soon!! They have a store in the city, bondi junction, and MOSMAN! (the new neighborhood) Which is the one I would ideally like to work at, considering I could walk to work that would be perfect. I will keep you all updated with how the interview goes.

I get to meet Anthony in New Zealand in only 20 days!!!!! :) :) :) I am soooooooo excited...I might actually call and see if I can move my flight up a few days, that is how antsy pants I am to get there, and see my baby!!!! Then after that we are on the same flight home to Sydney! I know he is going to absolutely love it here, and all of us (Kelsey Haley and I) are really looking forward to him coming!

So let me try think what else is going on here...a whole lot of relaxing, sleeping, lounging (it has been hardcore raining the past week)..hanging out with Lara, the 11 year old girl we are living with and all her friends. They had a birthday party for Bobby (the family dog) yesterday, which was quite a fun filled event. Haley wins babysitter of the year award, Kels and I went out last night but she stayed in to watch the kids, and also watched them all day Saturday. We took the kids to Taronga Zoo the other day, which was a blast! No matter how old you are I think everyone appreciates the zoo. At least we did ;)

K like I said I will try to update this more often...


Saturday, September 19, 2009


hello hello!!! i have never done one of these before- so i am going to try my best to keep it short and sweet and (hopefully) interesting. i don't think it will be as well written as kelsey's or as pretty as amy's but im going to try my best :)

eeeeeeeee so we are officially in SYDNEY!!!! i absolutely love it here and so glad to be back!! we are staying with some family friends- maya and nenad- while we get settled. they live in a place called crows nest, right outside the city. they have two crazy little kiddies who havent been around much today but we are super excited to hang out with them too. so crows nest is a cute little town, and there is both a train and bus station super close so that makes it convenient to get around. today we were all super jet lagged and lazy so literally did nothing...we showered, unpacked, ate, went on two walks, got coffee...maya mom (thats what we named her, so not to be confused with me) showed us all around crows nest and where everything was. she is SUPER great- very nice and motherly. we have our own little hotel type setup upstairs- two rooms and a bathroom. we are basically ballin.

maya mom is also super healthy- all we have eaten today are fruits, vegetables, fish...its great. we did however go to the grocery store (WOOLWORTHS aka WOLLYS) and picked up some tim tams and nutella. for those that do not know what those are you are missing out. we have yet to eat them but im sure we will indulge in all that chocolately goodness tomorrow.

since tomorrow is sunday, and nothing is open, it is basically a great excuse to be lazy and do nothing productive and just lay on the beach all day :) :) cant wait for that. i mean getting a bank account, cell phone, apartment hunting, job searching..that can all wait! so is not even 7pm here and we are getting ready for bed. like i mentioned jet lagged!!

it has been a really good first day, and i cant wait for all the adventures to come! stay tuned! it seems really normal to be back living in sydney, however, there are a few people that i do truly miss. one in particular (RANDY) aka anth :( cant wait for him to get here!!!!! only a few more weeks. i think i can handle it. and my wonderful girlfriends back home, i really hope they can all make it out to visit because it would truly be an unforgettable experience.

k that is all for now, goodnight :)